Culture and Delivery

Unprecedented Roads to Inspiration

And these are the most rewarding of times for agencies and clients who can navigate sharp, unfamiliar corners – the winners engage the new playing field with such clarity that they regularly out-maneuver competitors — snatching up young talent, which is often the key to successfully dissecting (and jumping in on) new opportunities. It’s not a simple end-game.

Insights need to be connected often requiring a hard look at preset, this-is-the-way-it’s-done, “Cardinal Rules” that drag down spirit and kill progress. It’s worth noting, a report recently in the New York Times makes the point that advertising agencies (and PR firms) are fighting hard to attract the best and brightest because, by contrast to the likes of Apple-Google-Facebook, the industry can be viewed as uninspired, even stuffy. One agency head said, “If agencies fail to recruit and keep top young employees, we’re going to became archaic.” It’s not about free lunches, bean-bag chairs, table tennis, happy hours and yoga classes. It’s about owning a piece – in the wallet and in the heart – of something “start-uppy”. Accomplishing that for the next-gen breed of staff is critical to growth. Today millennials, for example, see themselves as gunslingers: Have Gun, Will Travel. (My guess is if you watch TV Land, you’ll appreciate the reference. I couldn’t help myself. It’s such an apt description of the restlessness that’s so inherent in our new reality. As we all know, momentum in the workplace is much harder to create and sustain as a consequence.)