There’s a churning in the cosmos, always emerging, ever-elucidating

With our disciplines aligned, through a network of new partner companies, we take the time, every day, to look up — which helps us connect • the • dots and bring perspective to brands, corporate ambition and knotty issues (active and looming).

MaxAscent is a flowering multi-specialized agency. We’re inspired by what’s around us – take for example, the Formula E racing series, as exciting as Formula 1 but with the switch to electric cars, no harm comes to the environment. Or by the International Space Station’s approach to saving earthbound vintners who are now less concerned about mold and bacteria in their wines. Or by Loughborough University’s Augmented Communications Device that turns breath patterns into speech giving paralysis sufferers a voice. Another encouraging advance is the Autism Glass Project by Google, where software classifies expressions to help children understand emotions. Currently earning international recognition is The Sync Project, a global collaboration of visionary minds, that is harnessing music to improve health. These are some of the encouraging advances made by engines driving the evolution of the cosmos.