‘Maxapreneur’ Satellite

Readily Available and Aware of the Need for Speed

My new company, which you’ll learn a lot more about on the following pages, is selling perspective, speed-in-delivery, immediate mutual reward, long-term value creation and multi-generational/interdisciplinary views about our world that drive the very best solutions and opportunities for industry-leading companies.

There is a very encouraging, recent article in Fast Company explaining, in the next ten years, 10,000 private, “space unicorns” will get launched. The article calls these tinkerers “astropreneurs.” And according to FC, the industry is enjoying massive growth. The author points out, “There are more companies emerging that are capable of sending something in space. That’s exciting because it’s going to drive down costs and increase launch rates. They’ll help prove that these business models work.” NASA also wants to be in this smaller-is-better arena by “investing in other companies that are working on technologies specifically designed to launch small satellites,” FC reports.

Which leads me to another point about MaxAscent: No one owns everything in the communications space or universe. Not all the really impressive people in all world-wide geographies; or all the disciplines now necessary to create change in perception and behavior; not all the industry relationships necessary to unite acceptance for a brand or a company. (NASA understands Space 3.0 — you don’t have to be big and tall to be important and matter significantly.)

We’re like a small satellite offering our own brand of knowledge and insight. Think of us as canvassing the health industry landscape extracting information about healthcare dynamics and feeding back from this surveillance to “Maxaprenuers” who digest and make sense of all the commotion.