On the Road Again

An Open Letter to My Family, Friends and Colleagues (past-present-future)

I’m acknowledging that, for some of you, this crosses big time into over-share territory. But the past two years have been pretty astounding. It’s as if I’ve been living in a grand little bubble, with my lovely wife and three happy kids. One family project had us setting up numerous beehives which, incredibly, produced more than 1000 pounds of wax and honey! (A lesson for kids regarding how the problem of declining bee populations is impacting our ecosystems.)

I even ventured into Bikram Yoga and learned how to think good thoughts, with the added benefit of being flexible toward muscle I haven’t been acquainted with for years — all the while exerting mind-over-matter in 100′ degree heat! Fascinating, enriching, and memorable adventures. (And, for the record, that’s not even close to being the whole list!)

But time morphs us into all kinds of different circumstances; thus, as we know all too well: Nothing lasts forever. And in my case, life has gotten even more interesting: My “sentence” to this paradise is over (to the extent I’ll let it be!). I’m off my contract launching a new healthcare communications company, MaxAscent LLC — and delighted to be doing so in concert with several highly accomplished multi-specialized colleagues, many of whom are also managing consultancies within the healthcare sector.

I’m coming back to what I love most to do: And that’s identifying + nurturing + activating + evolving some of the best healthcare talent in the industry. I believe there is a highly differentiated niche for us, particularly when you consider our broad exposure to the industry.

Through our network and linkages there is more than 200 years’ experience. We’ll be instrumental in working with clients in areas such as patient behavior and consumer wellness; brand positioning and defense; product approval and launch; content development; corporate positioning; public affairs support; media relations; consumer/patient education; coalition building and employee engagement. Digital/social, as I see it, is ubiquitous running through all that we do. It’s elemental to our thinking – all clients, every engagement – as it is, I’m sure, for most healthcare agencies. What we’re doing differently is investing in moments of reciprocity. More about that later.

And in every case, MaxAscent is involved in understanding what I call the “language of community consent.” We observe, we act, we support, we change attitudes and behaviors, and we help our clients’ relationships – supporting all manner of enterprise objectives whether it be about brand, reputation or a specific policy agenda.