Our History

Healthcare PR veteran Bob Chandler founded MaxAscent™, a healthcare communications agency specializing in building exciting programs that guide patient behavior and promote consumer wellness.

Bob’s vision for MaxAscent mirrors the one he set for Chandler Chicco Companies, the agency he co-founded 20 years earlier. Back then, Bob believed in no offices, no walls, and no titles. Every person had the same size seat at the table. From top to bottom, everyone worked together to win big. The result was an atmosphere of pure, sometimes magical collaboration. It’s this same spirit of partnership and inspired work ethic that defines the culture at MaxAscent.

MaxAscent is a member of Watershed Bridges™ LLC, a micro-network of leading firms in the fields of patient behavior, medical education, public affairs, experiential marketing, advertising, corporate communications, narrative development, and patient intelligence. Members of this network have decades of experience in:

  • Building robust, long-lasting partnerships with clients
  • Cultivating hundreds of engagements with pharmaceutical companies, biotech organizations, medical device manufacturers, patient groups, medical societies, associations, and government agencies
  • Representing interests that span managed care organizations, institutional providers, group practices, and large health systems

MaxAscent is home to storytellers who gain firm, rapid traction by exciting communities and reaffirming connections that lead to new experiences and a better understanding. Although our company is a young one, our roots and our expertise run deep.

How can MaxAscent further your success? Explore this section for more information: