Our Perspective

Many companies are guided by a core set of beliefs or principles. MaxAscent is no exception. Over the years, we’ve gained insights into what it means to be successful in the ever-evolving and often turbulent healthcare industry.

A Tale of Drones and Deep-Sea Divers

Think of a drone, which is valued for how rapidly it can reach maximum ascent and bring life into better focus. Now think of a deep-sea diver, who, for health and safety reasons, must ascend beneath the water at a careful and deliberate pace. In both cases, a failure to perform properly can have dire consequences. But when all systems are functioning correctly—at MaxEngagement™—the world becomes perfectly illuminated.

This describes our philosophy for engaging with audiences. Doing so successfully requires avoiding missteps and preparing diligently. But when done right, the results are truly eye-opening.

Insights Worth Sharing

While there is no single recipe for success in helping patients and consumers maximize their sense of wellbeing, there are many ingredients that contribute to it. We thought we’d share some of the learnings we’ve acquired:

  • Seeing healthcare consumers for who they are, what they do, and how they feel requires landing on the exact right perspective
  • We set out to accomplish four ridiculously difficult things—getting patients and consumers to:

1) CARE ENOUGH to follow your story

2) COMPEL THEM to follow you and no one else

3) FILL THEM WITH WONDER about where you’re taking them

4) ENCOURAGE THEM to share your journey, even through difficult times

  • We have a shared, collective passion for getting things right the first time
  • Success is a combination of precision timing, rigor in market assessment, and compelling storytelling
  • It’s important to get the small things—the basics—properly squared away before tackling the big stuff
  • The highest yields come to partners who are willing to “chance” change
  • Developing the right programs begins with asking the right questions
  • A “serialized” approach to storytelling can be an effective tool for holding onto your audience
  • Committing to market research is not enough. You need to devote the right amount of time to research efforts (too much time can be as problematic as not enough) and ensure that the right people are polled and the appropriate trends identified
  • Both your message and your targets need to hit the mark. Having the right message but the wrong target (or vice-versa) can result in a takeoff that goes nowhere
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